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It’s Time to “Get Used to WOW” with WOW Activated Naturals New Commercial

Published: September 8, 2023

WOW Skin Science, India’s leading beauty and wellness brand, has released a series of Television Commercials (TVCs) that focus on “in-moment” humor to bring out the core message – “WOW Activated Naturals™ï¸ | Get used to WOW”.

WOW Skin Science presents a series of TVCs introducing WOW Vitamin C & Niacinamide Face Wash made with Activated Naturals

The campaign celebrates the launch of its new Brand platform ‘Activated Naturals’ that aims to harness the power of naturals activated with efficacy of new age actives – elevating the end benefit for the consumer – the WOW effect. Seeking to upgrade consumers from the generic gentle care offered by natural products, Activated Naturals seeks to give women that glow and brightness through introduction of an active ingredient, for eg. Niacinamide and Vitamin C.

Most beauty ads are templated – where the core focus is to highlight the transformative before and after caused by the product. This TVC adopts a unique approach – by combining humor and beauty in unexpected situations. The film is based on a relevant and nuanced insight around moments when a woman does not want to look good. The ‘Get used to WOW’ TVC depicts popular actress-influencer Aisha Ahmed in serious “non beauty” moments – asking for a sick leave at work or at a pet funeral – emitting a radiant glow, courtesy of WOW’s Vitamin C + Niacinamide Activated Naturals facewash. Aisha Ahmed, who stars in the commercial, is known for her critical roles in TV shows such as Adulting, Lock’d IN and Minus One: New Chapter. The Mumbai-based actress is the face of the commercial and started acting at the age of 20 and is known for her charisma and on-screen presence.

Leo Burnett conceptualized and produced this campaign and speaking about it, Shahnawaz Qadeer, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett, had to say, “It was fun and refreshing to take a new look at beauty commercials. While most beauty ads still prioritize showing the positive outcomes of their product in a quintessential way, we took a counter-intuitive approach and highlighted the challenges of looking too good in certain situations. By latching onto the trend of Pretty People Problems, our campaign aims to set itself apart by adding some much-needed humor in the world of beauty commercials. We hope that the audience will resonate with the message – you can find your glow in the most unlikely circumstances.”

WOW Activated Naturals™ï¸ | Get used to WOW

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Since time immemorial, women have strived for a glowing and radiant skin. Through the unique advert, WOW characterizes Vitamin C and Niacinamide into humourous questioning on the lines of ‘Kuch nahi hai toh problem, sab kuch hai toh bhi issue hai’

Vanda Ferrao, Chief Marketing Officer at Wow Skin Science, spoke about this unique campaign, “Through the Activated Naturals’ platform, WOW Skin Science aims to inspire a redefinition of beauty norms. By showcasing radiance in unexpected scenarios and through the lens of humour, the campaign highlights the brands commitment to innovative and efficacious skincare solutions. It’s time to move beyond mere natural ingredients – the era of Activated Naturals is here!”

About Body Cupid Pvt. Ltd.

Body Cupid Pvt. Ltd. is a beauty, personal care and wellness company with innovative and efficacious products for aspiring young India. Sold across General Trade, Ecommerce and D2C platforms, the company’s products are available across the country leveraging its manufacturing facilities and strong logistics network. It’s leading ranges in skincare and haircare are rated highly on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. The company has three brands – WOW Skin Science, WOW Life Science and Body Cupid and has over 500 products across beauty, personal care & health categories.

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