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Are you worried about the comeback of low-rise jeans? According to one plus-size influencer, the trend may be limited to “skinny” people. A prominent TikToker put upcoming fashion trends — think low-rise and severe cutouts — to the test in a now-viral series that asks, “Is it fashion or is she just skinny?” Emma Arletta, a content developer, sought to style a low-rise maxi skirt on her plus-size body, seeking to demonstrate that some trends are solely tailored toward women with model-esque proportions.

“I honestly haven’t seen any women my size rock a low-waisted maxi skirt,” Arletta adds in the video, which has over 950,000 views. “And now I understand why.” She made the skirt just below her belly button, at her hip bones.just like the influencers online, but didn’t seem to be a fan of the fad.