Inspired By The Colours Of Summer Seen On The Italian Riviera

Published: May 3, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Invented in India, Seersucker fabric is known as “Shir O Shakar” meaning “milk & sugar”, from the resemblance of its smooth & rough surface akin to the smooth texture of milk and the bumpy texture of sugar. 

The 2023 range of z3 Seersucker shirts are made in 100% cotton, the fabric is woven in a manner that some threads are bunched together giving the fabric a puckered appearance in places. This creates extra pockets of space allowing for increased air circulation & breathability.

Seersucker’s wrinkled/ puckered look is the special feature of the garment, even if the garment is ironed flat, it will regain its wrinkled nature so one can save time and effort and enjoy the puckering of the garment.

The 2023 range of z3 Seersucker shirts are available in “The Colours of the Italian Summer” as seen on the Amalfi Coast located on the Italian Riviera.

Commenting on launch Mr. Salman Noorani (Vice Chairman & M.D. ZCCL*) said, “Our 100% cotton Seersucker shirts in z3 are a unique offering from the House of ZODIAC and are made with eco-friendly manufacturing process. I urge you all to log on to and see how we do this.”

To Preview z3 Relaxed Luxury’s 2023 Seersucker Collection
Available Across All Zodiac Stores:

Zodiac Clothing Company Limited (ZCCL) is a vertically integrated, trans-national that controls the entire clothing chain from design, manufacturing, distribution to retail sales. With a manufacturing base in India & sales offices across India, UK, Germany and USA, ZCCL has almost 2500 people in its fold. The company operates a 5000 sq. ft. Italian inspired design studio at its Mumbai Corporate office which is a LEED Gold certified building. The brand is retailed across India at premium prices through over 100 company-managed stores and over 1000 multi – brand retailers.

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