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“Infinited Fiber Partners with Lindex to Supply Sustainable Infinna Fiber for Clothing and Accessories”

Published: November 2, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Finnish sustainable material producer, Infinited Fiber, is broadening the availability of its recycled cellulosic fiber, Infinna, derived entirely from textile waste. In a significant development, the company has entered into a multi-year agreement with Swedish fashion brand Lindex to source Infinna for their women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. This collaboration will involve product testing and innovation starting in 2024, adding a circular alternative to virgin cotton to Lindex’s fiber portfolio, alongside other man-made cellulosic materials like viscose. Infinited Fiber is planning to inaugurate its first commercial-scale factory in 2026.

Annette Tenstam, Lindex’s environmental sustainability lead, expressed confidence in Infinited Fiber’s ability to convert post-consumer textile waste into high-quality cotton-like raw material, marking a significant step toward enhancing sustainability in the fashion industry.

Kirsi Roine, Infinited’s key account director, commended Lindex for leading the way in transforming their practices to drive fashion sustainability. This partnership follows the introduction of the first children’s hoodie made from Infinna fibers by Finnish kids’ activewear brand Reima in August. In addition, Portuguese company Inovafil has begun spinning Infinna fibers into an organic-cotton- blended yarn for the Italian mill Eusebio, responsible for knitting and brushing the fabric. Finnish trim-maker Tuotenauha produced care labels for the hoodie, while Ommellinen handled the cutting and sewing. The “Uudesti” hoodie, which means “again” or “anew” in Finnish, is now available at Reima’s stores in Finland.

This collaboration underscores the growing emphasis on sustainable materials and circular fashion practices in the industry, with Infinited Fiber playing a pivotal role in providing eco-friendly alternatives.

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