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Published: June 29, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Aligned with the vision of Make in India and making India a leader in the global footwear industry, homegrown brand Bacca Bucci is leveraging innovation, digital-first and region-centric approach to position India as a global leader in the footwear industry. Keeping its focus centralised around technology and quality, the company is fully aware of the potential India has to disrupt the global market of high-end footwear. With technology, the brand is eliminating size-related challenges by checking on various Indian feet type and sizes. Also, it uses data analytics to study customer feedback and make the changes where relevant. It is dealing with design-related challenges with the help of AI. This technology gives the brand insights to forecast the upcoming trends, colours, choices. Based on the outcomes, their designers are able to decide the new launches. Also, by introducing various modes of payments including BNPL (Buy-Now-Pay-Later), they are solving transaction-related woes of the customers.

“Gone are the days when overseas nations were considered as the only supplier for quality footwear. India has very much arrived to disrupt the global market. We are a strong advocate of ‘Make in India’. We believe that there is nothing that can’t be achieved in India to make quality footwear. We are working to introduce Made in India innovations and tech in our products good enough to cater to the quintessentially stylish people of today who are personality & trend conscious. Make in India is a great initiative of our honourable PM which could be achieved only if we come together. This will further boost small businesses and will eventually create job-opportunities, “ said Natwar Agarwal – Founder – Bacca Bucci.

Firmly conscious and working towards the Prime Minister’s Make in India vision, Bacca Bucci will soon be launching its music video to spread the message of valuing indigenous brands. The digital-first brand works on three main pillars – constant introduction of challenging designs (variety), ensure enduring comfort (quality) and sourcing material direct from the manufacturers (cost leadership).

Anuj Nevatia – Co-Founder added, ” We have seen tremendous growth over last year and we target to close current FY 22-23 at 100% YoY. Needless to add, we have served more than five million Gen Z and millennials owing to our steadfast commitment to these tenets. We have something for everyone, each product being region-centric. For instance, snow boots that are relevant in Kashmir/Northeast, high-end fashion pop colour sneakers for urban customers, sandals and sports shoes for plus-size feet usually in the southern part of India.”

Bacca Bucci aims to continue to grow as one of the best and oldest D2C brands in India. Having registered pan-India presence, it is now eyeing big expansion overseas, starting with in UAE, and some other nations. The brand also takes pride in being an environment-conscious brand, doing its bit to create sustainable products.  It would soon be launching styles which will be made of completely recycled plastics and rubbers. Meanwhile, they have already started the process to stop using single-use plastics for packaging, and hope to be a 100 percent single-use plastic-free brand by December 2022.

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