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On Thursday, Indian fashion designer Gaurav Gupta made his eagerly awaited debut at Paris Haute Couture Week, over 20 years after establishing his own brand.

The fact that Gupta was honoured at the prestigious event is a symbol of the growing international prominence of a designer who has long been a favourite of his Bollywood clients. The designer’s fame has soared in the last year as a result of worldwide A-list celebrities like Cardi B, Lizzo, and Kylie Minogue donning his sculptural creations.

Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper, appeared at the Oscars in a slate-blue, body-con Gupta-designed gown with a stunning train that flowed out like delicate waves. He stated earlier this week at his temporary showroom close to the Champs-Élysées in Paris that the media attention it brought in “was so wonderful.”

The designer continued, “It drove us and gave us the confidence that we were ready as an Indian couture brand to go global.”

The most expensive clothing, which is carefully crafted by hand and sold for eye-watering rates, is paraded down runways in front of star-studded crowds during the biannual extravaganza known as Haute Couture Week. Gupta remembers hearing that his company had been chosen to exhibit at the event while he was “ready to take off” on a plane.

He remarked, “It was quite dramatic.” “I was the only person on the plane, and for the next two hours, I did nothing but scream and stare outside. I’m watching history unfold while we were just a young couturier. Since I began working in the fashion industry 25 years ago, this ideal has been a work in progress.”