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An Indian company called Goados is dedicated to producing eco-friendly clothing from locally sourced materials like Khadi, with a focus on preserving Indian traditional crafts and methods.

“Our organization’s purpose is to promote sustainability, and its two pillars, which are environment and the continuation of India’s ancient arts and crafts,” said Sanah Agrawal, the founder of Goados.

She added that the objective is to change people’s perceptions about these textiles and processes because they have several contemporary uses both in India and around the world.

“We believe that behavior changes begin early, and if kids begin utilizing these sustainable products and activities early in life, then they and their generation as a whole will turn into better consumers overall,” Sanah continued.

She added, “I don’t believe that sustainable fashion has to be a niche or that one needs to pay a high price to have a sustainable wardrobe; we are trying to make these items accessible and creating collections with affordable pricing.” She also mentioned that India is a very promising market for sustainability concepts and product innovations.

She declared in her conclusion that “more brands are choosing to use khadi in their designs, signaling the fabric’s return and resurrection. My main goal is to safeguard the two pillars of these arts and crafts and to help the artisans so they may continue to use these traditional methods and help to address global concerns and customer happiness.