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“Inatur Beauty Brand Adopts Eco-Friendly Packaging to Meet Consumer Sustainability Demands”

Published: November 2, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

In response to the growing awareness among consumers about sustainable choices, beauty companies are making the shift towards eco-friendly packaging solutions. One notable example is the Indian organic beauty brand, Inatur, which has recently introduced an environmentally sustainable packaging approach.

Inatur, already well-established in the Indian beauty market, has embarked on a product packaging
revamp that features eco-conscious designs. This strategic move aims to proactively attract new
customers in an increasingly competitive market.

Inatur, known for its premium beauty products, has consistently offered a distinctive range of items.
To extend its appeal on a global scale, Inatur has embraced a minimalist design approach, focusing
on clean and uncluttered aesthetics. The brand’s commitment to enhancing the functionality of its
products ensures a truly luxurious experience for consumers.

While Inatur has built a loyal customer base over time, the brand recognizes the importance of
keeping its packaging and formulations up to date through ongoing research and development
efforts. It’s noteworthy that Inatur is one of the select global brands compliant with the SGS GMP
standard for manufacturing, a certification that demands continuous adaptation to evolving
compliance standards.

Additionally, Inatur’s new packaging includes a QR code, offering easy access to product usage instructions, key features, and benefits when scanned.

Pooja Nagdev, the Founder of Inatur, expressed, “Since the inception of Inatur, the brand has earned
the loyalty of millions across India. The process of researching and redesigning our packaging
underscores our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of Inatur’s users. We eagerly
anticipate their support and feedback.”

The updated packaging is already available and can be explored on Inatur’s official website,, as well as at the retail store in MGF Mall, Gurgaon, and through various leading marketplaces. This initiative highlights Inatur’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to
meeting the evolving demands of conscious consumers.

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