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In China, the Dopamine Dressing Trend Spreads Happiness through Fashion.

Published: June 8, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

Dopamine dressing, which alludes to the synthetic that is delivered in the cerebrum and creates pleasurable uproars and is set off by exercises like shopping or sex, envelops wearing striking, dynamic tones to hoist the wearer’s mind-set and evoke a feeling of bliss.

The well-known Douyin influencer Baizhou Xiaoxiong began sharing posts from a series called “Rainbow Dressing” at the beginning of May. With an impressive 3.35 million likes, these posts quickly gained an enormous amount of popularity. In a brief 10-second clip, she and her friends demonstrate a variety of vibrant outfits, coordinated with matching accessories in the same color scheme, down to the nuanced lipstick shades.

The series’ eight videos have received an incredible 470 million views thus far. Jing’s View:
Various Chinese online entertainment platforms have witnessed a flood of related recordings and conversations as a result of Baizhou Xiaoxiong helping take “dopamine dressing” at a higher than ever level in the middle of the year.

The hashtag “Dopamine Dressing” has been seen almost 200 million times on Kuaishou, in any event, moving a “Dopamine Dressing Challenge.” With over 11.38 million watchers, the term positioned sixteenth on the Kuaishou hotlist as of June 1. On Xiaohongshu, more than 540,000 related posts and more than 50,000 products have been posted in the interim. Chinese people, who typically dress subtly, may initially be surprised by the popularity of dopamine dressing.

Nonetheless, in the main summer following China’s inversion of its zero-Coronavirus strategy, this style should be visible as a brilliant illustration of self-articulation. A sign that joyful individualism, which defies conventional fashion guidelines, has triumphed is the rise of dopamine dressing. Dopamine dressing suggests that happiness comes first because it reflects the desire for euphoria and happiness.

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