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Using a colour palette full of “fresh, vibrant, and invigorating” hues inspired by “unorthodox colour combinations, encouraging freedom of self and inviting new conversations,” according to Pantone, the world authority on colour, designers at London Fashion Week will use a palette of colours this season.

A “free-spirited assemblage of colour” that emphasises individuality and a desire to rebel is revealed by the LFW AW23 colour trend report. The colours of this season “rejoice in originality and inventiveness,” fusing the demand for attention-seeking, brilliant, and happy colours with “important, yet refined understated timeless tones.”

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says in a statement that “personal expression and freedom of style opens the road to a future full of colourful possibilities.” “Amalgamations of colour for LFW Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 are distinguished by a new free-style approach marked by funny individual looks, unexpected pairings, and profound colour mixtures,” according to the press release.

The trend forecasting and colour consultancy has chosen 10 colours for AW23 that celebrate “a sense of freedom, spontaneous colour expressions,” as well as “unorthodox colour pairings.” These colours range from vibrant tones like sensual red and illuminating yellow to delicate and sophisticated shades like a natural golden green and a reddish brown.

Pantone 16-1544 ‘Persimmon’ is a honeyed coral with “a delicate sweetness”.

Pantone 15-1624 ‘Conch Shell’ is a distinctive pink “whose engaging demeanour belies its substance”.

Pantone 18-1664 ‘Fiery Red’ is an exciting, sexy and sensual hue.

Pantone 19-1337 ‘Fired Brick’ is a magnanimous reddish brown with “finesse and savoir faire”.

Pantone 13-0535 ‘Sharp Green’ is a pungently keen yellow-green that is “expansive and exuberant”.

Pantone 14-3921 ‘Lacecap Hydrangea’ is a fresh, floral blue.

Pantone 14-0957 ‘Spectra Yellow’ is an illuminating yellow that speaks to “innovation, enlightenment, and energy”.

Pantone 16-0847 ‘Olive Oil’ is a naturally nourishing golden green.

Pantone 19-3336 ‘Sparkling Grape’ is a tasteful and captivating colour.

Pantone 16-4535 ‘Blue Atoll’ is a waterborne blue that invites thoughts of a tropical escape.

Pantone autumn/winter 2023 core classic colours for LFW

The 10 standout trend colours for LFW are presented alongside five new classic tones, which offer “unobtrusive tints and tones for a subtle presence,” adds Pantone.

Pantone 15-1216 ‘Pale Khaki’ is a contemporary, versatile tan.

Pantone 19-0414 ‘Forest Night’ is a stalwart green that offers “protective cover”.

Pantone 13-4108 ‘Nimbus Cloud’ is a wispy, ethereal grey.

Pantone 12-0703 ‘Seedpearl’ is a lightly shaded fresh off-white.

Pantone 18-0202 ‘Lava Smoke’ is an impenetrable deep grey “imbued with gravitas”.

Pantone unveils “joyful” colour palette for NYFW AW23

The LFW colour trend report from Pantone follows its colour predictions for New York Fashion Week earlier this month, which said designers would lean towards bright and joyful hues to encourage “limitless self-expression”.

The NYFW colour palette for AW23 featured colours including a vibrant fuchsia, an icy green, a bright yellow, a soft peachy hue and an earthy brown, alongside five core classics, from a milky white to a deep blue and a natural grey.