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By the end of the year, Vancouver-based fashion label Duer wants to quadruple the number of its physical stores from five to ten.

A 100 percent increase in year-over-year growth, “combined with a casual clothes boom that continues to fuel demand,” according to the denim expert, led to the decision.

Prior to entering the US and Europe, it stated that its goal is to “optimise brand exposure and interest in the Canadian retail landscape.”

The market’s taste for stylish, comfortable apparel has driven what is achievable, according to CEO Gary Lenett, who said in a statement that the company is on an ambitious growth trajectory.

The momentum hasn’t altered how we plan to grow, and we remain convinced that more shops in Canada will help us achieve this objective.

On April 1, a temporary store will open at the Square One Shopping Center in Mississauga as part of the expansion. In May, a permanent new storefront in downtown Toronto will replace the existing Queen St. W. location.

Lenett said: “We are hopeful about how these stores will perform given the Greater Toronto Area is Duer’s fastest growing Canadian region.

“We see our new retail footprints as a method to bring the Duer ethos to life in the community and as community centres where we can engage people with the brand.”