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Improved moisture transport with electro-osmosis.

Published: May 4, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Swedish company LunaMicro won the Techtextil 2024 Innovation Award for its active moisture management fabric, which outperforms traditional membranes.

The smart textile developed by Linköping University features a nanoporous membrane sandwiched between electrodes on customer-selected materials, creating a thin, flexible multi-layer textile. When a battery is connected, the fabric utilizes electro-osmosis to pump water from one side to the other, effectively removing sweat from the body.

LunaMicro works with various companies across different industries, utilizing industry-standard methods and readily available materials to print conducting polymer electrodes onto chosen inner and outer materials. The company has shown impressive water transport capabilities, removing 20,000gsm per day at 0% external humidity compared to Gore-Tex ePTFE membrane’s 6,500 gsm per day. Even at 100% external humidity, LunaMicro’s material can still remove 12,000 gsm per day.

Techtextil Innovation Award recognizes the use of new material in outdoor and protective work wear and personal protective equipment. Founder and CEO Nate Robinson believes the award will enhance their profile and lead to new growth opportunities.

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