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According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the fashion sector employs 60 million people worldwide, with the market being highly competitive and business owners looking for strategies to be at the top of the demand food chain. Taking advantage of the influential power of the Nigerian TV and Film industry, which is expected to expand to $903 million by 2023, opens up a larger market for fashion brands with worldwide streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Showmax, NdaniTv, Accelerate TV, Iroko TV, and others. Stylists and costume designers are crucial components of any great film. When they fail to accomplish their jobs successfully, there is a gap between the characters on screen and the roles they play. However, there is a need that goes beyond mere amusement.

Both industries have experienced rapid expansion, with TV and film specialists collaborating with fashion professionals. Nigerian films such as Blood Sisters, The Smart Money Women, and King of Boys: The Return of Oba, which are all currently streaming on Netflix, have generated a lot of attention not only for their high quality production and great acting, but also for their high fashion and costume. “For example, with Smart Money Woman, when a specific person wore a specific piece, the piece sold out,” Ogundadegbe explains. “There is, therefore, always room for partnership.” However, questions such as “How does it pay both parties?” must be posed.”

AdeyemiOlowu, the founder and creative director for HRH Luxury, a Lagos-based fashion brand who worked on some of the designs for Netflix’s Blood Sisters mini-series, says “People know me more for my works with Blood Sisters, and reference it when they reach out for work. For my brand, it’s been a success.”

Besides the kind of visibility designers are granted for being on major TV platforms, for some, there’s the increase in revenue. Through this, HRH Luxury has increased its profit margin, even beyond its domestic clientele. “It’s not just about Africa for us, right now. People now call from as far as Canada and the UK and the US,” Olowu says.