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House of Masaba returns to Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda.

Published: June 19, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Mokshika Chauhan

Place of Masaba, a dress and way of life brand, has opened another store on the ground floor of the Khattau Working in Mumbai’s bustling shopping region Kala Ghoda. The new store is designed in Gupta’s new, tasteful style and features a bright, spacious interior.

On June 13, Place of Masaba announced on Facebook that the brand’s new store on Shahid Bhagat Singh Street would open with a large display of event wear looks from the late spring collection. The store’s interior features a contemporary, open layout, hand-picked antiques, and large red hand prints on the wall. The enormous red Tika plan from Place of Masaba can be tracked down on the walls, and seating regions give spots to clients to accumulate.

Last month, the brand opened its greatest lead store to date in Bandra, Mumbai. The store was designed in a way that was timeless, artistic, and minimalist like the new brand. The brand’s brand-new Bandra store features a highly conceptual design and houses the entire clothing, accessories, and makeup collection.

Place of Masaba has proposed a new period of retail development by reopening in Kala Ghoda with the same revived style as the Bandra store. The extension of Gupta’s as of late sent off excellence line Lovechild Magnificence embodies the brand’s extending reach past attire.

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