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The expansion of H&M US’s size selection on the national market has been announced. Sizes up to 2XL will be available in stores for both men and women, while sizes up to 4XL will be available online.

The shop chose to work with Tess Holliday in order to be more inclusive of the plus-size population and to provide a precise assortment of various fits and sizes.

The company’s creator, an activist and model, has contributed her vast expertise in the plus-size fashion industry and supported the values of inclusiveness and diversity by participating in the model casting process and making decisions regarding stylistic choices.

The brand was able to make judgements about design, product development, marketing, and communication thanks to Holliday’s inside knowledge and education.

“H&M views inclusivity as a business necessity. Donna Dozier Gordon, H&M’s Head of Inclusion and Diversity for Region Americas, said, “H&M’s evolution and success on extended sizing represents our commitment and focuses on issues addressed, progress made, and more progress to come.

On H&M’s website, you may buy the new sizes.