Published: August 27, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Calling all slim ladies who struggle to find the proper outfits. Put your fears aside because here are some amazingly attractive and current fashion suggestions to help you appear your best. From fabric and fit to style and colours, here’s everything you need to look your best. Are you ready? So, let’s look at some fashion advice.

Go for bright color clothes

Although black and white are popular costume colours, they do not always flatter all body types. Avoid wearing black since it can make you appear thinner by generating an optical illusion. Instead, invest in some bold and brightly coloured clothing with designs or textures. A floral-print dress in green, for example, would be a good choice for you.

Vertical stripes are a complete no-no

Avoid wearing clothing with vertical stripes if you are on the thin side. Vertical stripes fool the eyes, making those who wear them appear leaner and taller. Instead, use horizontally striped clothing to achieve the opposite effect. To match your body shape, you can also choose patterned jeans with abstract patterns.

Avoid body-hugging dresses and mid-waist belts

Body-con dresses tend to take your actual body contour, making you appear slimmer. These gowns compliment hourglass figures by highlighting the figure’s curves. Instead, for a broader look, use flared patterned dresses with puffy sleeves. Mid-waist belts should also be avoided because they make you appear slimmer. You can balance your style by wearing low-waist belts.

Avoid skinny jeans and try some scarves

Thin girls who wear skinny jeans can appear slimmer and narrower. So replace your thin jeans with ones that are more relaxed and easier to wear, such as flared, bootcut, boyfriend, or straight fit. Wear a funky printed scarf to create an illusion for your long and slim neck. This will make you appear slimmer from the top.

Avoid wearing high heels and try layering

Don’t we females adore high heels? It may not always appear to be a good alternative for skinny girls because they appear taller and more slender. Instead, try flats or boots to balance out your physique. To enhance the illusion of curves and fullness, layer your clothes with a jacket or a large statement neckpiece.

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