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Mumbai-based jewellery brand Her Story has just launched a new collection in collaboration with Bollywood actor and interior designer Twinkle Khanna. The launch event was held at Kala Ghoda and was attended by a number of celebrities and fashion influencers.

The collection, which features a range of statement pieces including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, combines traditional Indian designs with contemporary elements. According to Her Story, the collection is designed to empower women and encourage them to express themselves through their jewellery.

Speaking about the collaboration, Twinkle Khanna said, “I have always admired Her Story’s commitment to creating jewellery that tells a story and empowers women. It was an honour to collaborate with them on this collection, which celebrates the beauty and strength of women.”

This collaboration is not the first time that Her Story has partnered with a celebrity. The brand has previously collaborated with Sonam Kapoor and other prominent figures in the Indian entertainment industry.

The launch of this collection highlights the growing trend of collaborations in the fashion industry, as brands look to partner with influential figures to reach new audiences and promote their products. It also underscores the importance of storytelling in the world of fashion, with Her Story using its jewellery to tell meaningful and empowering stories.

The collaboration with Twinkle Khanna is sure to generate buzz and interest in Her Story’s latest collection, which aims to empower women and celebrate their unique stories and identities. It is a testament to the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in fashion, and its dedication to creating jewellery that tells a meaningful story.