HeiQ expands allergen tech to upholstery fabric with Culp.

Published: May 11, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

HeiQ has partnered with Culp to use their Allergen Tech on interior upholstery fabric, a biobased solution that reduces allergens. This innovative textile technology is being extended to the interior upholstered furniture market, marking a unique launch in this segment.

Culp Upholstery Fabrics, a division of Culp, Inc., will now offer HeiQ Allergen Tech in their upholstery fabrics for manufacturers of upholstered furniture. This collaboration aims to bring the proven benefits of the technology, already successful in bedding items, to all living spaces. The extension of HeiQ Allergen Tech beyond sleeping products will benefit thousands of end-users in their homes.

Culp will be introducing HeiQ Allergen Tech-enhanced interior upholstery fabrics to markets such as the Americas, with Culp as the exclusive supplier. This technology effectively addresses allergens from dust mite matter and pet allergens in textiles using active probiotics, making it ideal for upholstered furniture like sofas and armchairs.

Culp Upholstery Fabrics is unveiling treated fabrics in collaboration with HeiQ at the Interwoven trade show, offering innovative technology for homes and offices. Known for their stylish and appealing upholstery fabrics, Culp is introducing HeiQ Allergen Tech to provide revolutionary solutions for furniture retailers and manufacturers.

Probiotics are used by HeiQ Allergen Tech to keep pet allergies and dangerous dust mites from embedding themselves in textiles, resulting in a better living environment. This 100% biobased solution was created in collaboration with Culp and offers enduring advantages. Probiotics, also known as “good bacteria,” infiltrate treated textiles to improve living conditions and make allergens less welcome.

Culp Upholstery Fabrics’ Senior VP of Design and Marketing, Tammy Buckner, is thrilled about the partnership with HeiQ. HeiQ Allergen Tech is included in their fabrics to provide clients with a special solution that improves daily life and furniture interaction.

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