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Nothing says love more than when you take care of your loved ones’ health.

What could be a better gift than a gift of health to every special woman in your life, with a beverage that every Indian loves!

Tea Culture of the World is home to over 80 exotic tea blends, and each one is a celebration. The finest tea leaves and ingredients are chosen to bring you tea experiences that linger long after you have savored the last sip.

Tea Culture of the World sources exceptional botanical ingredients from all over the world and authentic teas from their origins. The tea leaves are handpicked from the finest tea estates in Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina, and, of course, India. The fruits and herbs come from Europe, and the flowers are from Egypt. All ingredients are freeze-dried. This helps retain the nutritional value, flavor, and texture, helping us create the best quality blends all year through.

1) Flowery Bouquet

Flowery Bouquet blends rose and hibiscus flowers and earthy liquorice roots with the mild flavor of green tea. Savour its delicate sweetness, while its potent antioxidants and Vitamin C leave you in a rosy glow of well-being.

Tea Infuser can easily open the filter ball without touching it, which is more hygienic! The long handle can also be used in deeper containers without worrying about slipping.

INR : 1,400

Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/products/dream-brews-flowery-bouquet?_pos=3&_sid=25c144a9a&_ss=r

2) Everyday Elixir

(60 assorted tea bags – 10 tea blends)

-Oriental Oolong

-Moroccan Mint

-Delightful Green Tea

-Power-packed Detox

-Tulsi Ritual

-Refreshing Lemon Honey

-Mango Love

-Kashmiri Kahwa

-Sun-kissed Assam

-Flowery Bouquet

INR : 1,600

Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/products/everyday-elixir?_pos=1&_sid=faab6bd66&_ss=r

3) Fabulous Four 

Combination of four fabulous tea makes this a special combo for one to test their taste bud with four signature tea from Tea Culture of The World, which makes it a special gift to you loved ones.

INR : 1,500

Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/products/fabulous-four?_pos=1&_sid=27c96dfa5&_ss=r

4) Indian Collection

World-renowned teas of our Indian heritage in a festive red gift box.

INR : 1,900

Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/products/indian-collection?_pos=1&_sid=5422ab92f&_ss=r

5) Day to Night

4 Tea blends for day to night

• 20 gms each

• Masala Chai – For fresh morning

• Easy Digest – For digestive afternoon

• Flowery Bouquet – For beautiful evening

• Jasmine – For sweet night

INR : 1,950

Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/products/day-to-night-1?_pos=1&_sid=d5bbd40fd&_ss=r

Tea Culture of the World has a variety of gift packages to offer, each perfect for a different mood.

Link : https://teacultureoftheworld.com/Gift 

It can also be ordered on https://www.amazon.in/stores/page/2496E40E-3D18-471A-9066-A72B8F5A90CD?ingress=0&visitId=1d1ce42f-dd7d-40fd-9a13-f6eba577957f 

Or can be purchased from retail outlets like Nature’s basket, Hypercity, Haiko, Reliance Fresh Pick, etc.