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Harry Styles Invests in S.S. Daley: Fashion Show Triumph in Florence

Published: January 22, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

In a dazzling show at Pitti, the renowned menswear event, S.S. Daley, led by designer Steven Stokey-Daley, celebrated singer Harry Styles’ investment in the brand. The show, held at Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, seamlessly blended English boarding school style with summer romance, creating an unforgettable experience.

The Florence city hall, Palazzo Vecchio, provided a breathtaking backdrop for the runway, set underneath giant frescoes by painter Giorgio Vasari. In an announcement during the show, it was revealed that Harry Styles had become a minority shareholder in S.S. Daley, indicating a close partnership to support the brand’s growth.

The collection itself drew inspiration from Oxford University students of the past, particularly those who shared living quarters. Daley transformed this concept into an abstracted idea of a dormitory, showcased through a variety of looks. The young designer opened the show with a black frock, white waistcoat, silk scarf, and no pants, setting a playful and bold tone.

S.S. Daley, founded in 2020, has shifted much of its tailoring to Italy, resulting in a polished and precise look. The collection featured soft-shouldered silhouettes with a precise cut, creating a fresh and lively aesthetic. The designer incorporated hand-sewn knits inspired by the incredible tapestries found in Florence, further connecting the collection to its setting.

The show presented a mix of theatre and fashion, featuring window-pane check trenches, pajama-stripe lounge suits, and a standout white shirt featuring a print of a steelhead salmon. With around 30 looks in total, each one stood out, making it a highlight of Pitti 105.

While Harry Styles wasn’t physically present in Florence, his investment in S.S. Daley adds a new chapter to the brand’s journey. Both Styles and the young designer share a vision for the future, focusing on brand longevity and scaling the business into a modern British heritage house.

S.S. Daley, recognized for reinterpreting British elitism, has received prestigious awards, including the LVMH Prize in 2022 and the British Fashion Council Foundation Award for Best Emerging Designer. With Harry Styles on board, the brand’s future looks promising, making S.S. Daley one of the brightest stars in the fashion industry.

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