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Fashion brands’ approaches to marketing and content development are shifting as a result of AI. AI has turned into a crucial tool for developing viral marketing campaigns because of its capacity to produce high-quality and interesting content. In this post, we’ll look at how AI is assisting fashion companies with viral marketing and analyse the recently trending Harry Potter by Balenciaga video. We’ll also go over how a YouTuber used AI to assist a company in producing a viral video.

The capacity of AI in marketing to produce personalized content that connects with the target audience is one of its most important advantages. In order to assist marketers to design targeted marketing, AI, for instance, can analyse client data to discover their interests and preferences. Additionally, AI-generated material is frequently more attention-grabbing and interesting, increasing its likelihood to become viral.

The Harry Potter by Balenciaga video, which contains deep simulated vocals based on the original cast and is matched to a pounding electronic soundtrack, is one instance of AI-generated material that went viral. The video rapidly became popular, receiving millions of views and being shared on numerous social networking sites. The effectiveness of the video is evidence of the persuasiveness and attention-grabbing power of AI-generated content.

A YouTube user by the name of demonflyingfox produced the Harry Potter by Balenciaga video by using AI to generate the content. Elon Musk was drawn to the video, and he retweeted it to spread the word further. Balenciaga was able to increase brand awareness and engagement as a result of the video’s popularity, underscoring the significance of AI in the production of viral content.

AI is transforming the way fashion brands approach marketing and content creation. With its ability to generate personalized and engaging content, AI has become an essential tool for creating viral marketing campaigns. The Harry Potter by Balenciaga video is an excellent example of how AI-generated content can go viral and help brands gain more brand visibility and engagement. The success of the video also highlights the role that YouTubers and other content creators can play in helping brands create viral content using AI.