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Published: September 21, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Whether it’s a sprawling apartment or a plush studio flat, transformable furniture is fast becoming the
de facto interior scheme for residential and commercial spaces. With different spheres of our lives
integrating and the need for space optimization, there is an increasing desire for incorporating multi-
functional spaces within the interiors which act as communal centers for family activities or office
meetings or relaxation as and when the need arises.

Häfele India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Häfele Global network and has been operating in India
since 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Jürgen Wolf (Managing Director). The ability of the company to
understand the diverse Indian market has made it an authority in the field of architectural hardware,

furniture and kitchen fittings and accessories. The company also has a strong presence in synergized
product categories namely Home Appliances, Furniture Lighting, Sanitary and Surfaces catering to the
focused demand from these industries.
The subsidiary has a strong nation-wide presence with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore,
Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Cochin. It has full-scale operations in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
with Regional offices and Design Showrooms in both the countries; and has also spread its operations to
other regions of South Asia including Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.
Häfele India services its customers with a base of over 1300 employees, a well-networked Franchise
network of over 190 shops along with over 500 direct dealers and 90+ distributors who in turn cater to
over 8000 satelite dealers. The subsidiary has a sophisticated Logistics centre in Mumbai along with
distribution centres in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Colombo respectively.


Häfele brings to you an assortment of transformable furniture fittings under its new range that virtually
multiply the space available and hence the name – Space 2 . The countertop and table extensions from
this range readily create space in addition to your existing kitchen worktop/ countertop, which serves
multiple purposes in various scenarios throughout the day. Whether you need an extended breakfast
table for your workspace or an extra spot in the kitchen to rest your laptop while completing minor
chores or more countertop space for extensive meal preparations or you just need a collapsible dinner
table for the entire family – Hafele is here for you! Experience the sophisticated blend of elegant
aesthetics and optimum space utilisation with Häfele’s Space 2 Range of Transformable Furniture Fittings:
Opla Top Pull-out Worktop Extension: An extendable table fitting that enables the tabletop to be pulled
out of the drawer unit in a manner that it flushes with the kitchen or furniture worktop. It can function
as a small table for breakfast or as an extension to the kitchen worktop or table.
Lunch Pull-out Drawer Table: A pull-out tabletop fitting that is folded and stored inside a drawer. It is
ideal for small kitchens and kitchenettes that need a tabletop for breakfast or simply as an extension of
the worktop for preparing meals.
Evolution Naked XL Pull-out Table with Bridge Leg: An extendable table fitting with a bridge leg that is a
perfect solution for comfortable family dinners or can double up as a snack table during small get
togethers. It folds away into your cabinet when not needed.
Axis Linear Countertop Extension: A linearly sliding countertop which can be fitted onto your existing
kitchen surfaces providing additional countertop space for meal prepping and operating countertop
appliances or simply functioning as a breakfast table.

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