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Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) Unites Partners to Launch TETD Communique – Blueprint for a People-Positive Energy Transition

Published: November 4, 2023

The Energy Transition Dialogues (TETD), a three-day event organised by the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) and the Observer Research Foundation (ORF), concluded with the release of TETD Communique – Blueprint for a People-Positive Energy Transition, a clear roadmap outlining key principles and actionable plan crucial for accelerating a sustainable energy transition in India and the world. The Communique stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and shared commitment of all partners involved in the Dialogues.

The Communique is the outcome of months of collaborative discussions convened by GEAPP on the sidelines of the G20 covering six critical pillars of energy action – enhancing Renewable Energy (RE) and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) to achieve 50GW per annum; scaling up energy efficiency; utility modernization; decarbonisation of transport; people positive energy transition, and clean energy financing. The comprehensive document outlines key priority areas along with policy and regulatory recommendations to propel India’s net zero ambitions. It sets out a carefully thought-out blueprint for reliable energy access in the lead-up to COP28.

Building on the legacy and commitments set under India’s G20 Presidency and in particular, The ‘New Delhi Declaration’, GEAPP is committed to supporting the government’s vision of accelerating clean, sustainable, affordable, and inclusive energy transition. The Global Biofuels Alliance, announced during the G20 conference in India, will act as a platform for fostering global collaboration for the advancement and widespread adoption of biofuel.

The event drew to a close with a keynote address by Tarun Kapoor, Advisor, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India stating, “Energy transition pathway is challenging but not very difficult. India is currently seeing an exponential growth and demand for energy. To ensure energy security, affordability and environmental protection, country has to utilise renewables, green hydrogen and biofuels for sustainable and clean energy future.”

A comprehensive report on ‘Accelerating Battery Storage Adoption by DISCOMS in India’ was also released during the event. This report is a result of the collective effort by GEAPP and RMI. This report addresses the pivotal role of energy storage, emphasising the critical importance of effectively integrating BESS assets at the distribution level to meet the evolving demands of our power system.

“The first edition of the Dialogues witnessed attendance from over 300 speakers and delegates who engaged in discussions and devised solutions to accelerate people positive energy transition. GEAPP is committed to strengthening coordination and capacity building across different sectors in the energy ecosystem,” said Saurabh Kumar, Vice President – India, GEAPP.

Extensive deliberations took place at The Energy Transition Dialogues, covering crucial topics such as collaborative avenues for promoting accessible energy, MDB reforms, Indias growing prominence as an energy hub in the Indo-Pacific region, global collaborations for sustainable transportation, expanding the utilisation of wind and solar energy in developing nations, and the establishment of a global climate alliance to regulate pricing, trade, investment, and technology, fostering a seamless shift towards a cleaner energy future.

The Dialogues concluded with a refreshed commitment to ensure actionable pathways towards the energy transition. GEAPP will present the Communique at COP28 to reflect upon this commitment as well as showcase India’s dedication to a global clean energy future.

About Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP)

The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) is an alliance of philanthropy, governments in emerging and developed economies, and technology, policy, and financing partners. Our common mission is to enable LMIC’s shift to a clean energy, pro-growth model that accelerates universal energy access and inclusive economic growth, while supporting the global community to meet critical climate goals during the next decade. As an alliance we aim to reduce 4 gigatons of future carbon emissions, expand clean energy access to one billion people, and enable 150 million new jobs. With philanthropic partners, IKEA Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Bezos Earth Fund, GEAPP works to build the enabling environment, capacity, and market conditions for private sector solutions, catalyze new business models through innovation and entrepreneurship, and deploy high-risk capital to encourage private sector solutions, and assist just transition solutions.

For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @EnergyAlliance.

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