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Gaurav Gupta’s second couture collection struck the perfect mix between softer lines and his distinctive sweeping structure

Published: July 20, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Gaurav Gupta, the Indian designer known for his structural designs and red carpet-worthy gowns, took a softer approach for his second collection on the official calendar. While still incorporating his signature structural elements, Gupta explored cushy, pillowy volume and simpler cuts.

The collection featured a range of stunning designs, including slinky column dresses adorned with sequins and hoods, voluminous gowns with pleated folds, and sculptural bolero jackets. Gupta’s collection was titled “Hiranyagarbha,” drawing inspiration from the Indian creation story of the golden womb and reflecting on the source of the universe.

The show opened with pure white looks, transitioning into earthy chocolates, emerald greens, and chrysalis greens. As the models walked the runway, Indian classical music played, evoking a sense of ancient ritual and adding to the overall ambiance of the show.

One standout piece from the collection was an emerald green gown with a floral swirl on the hip and exquisite draping across the body, creating sculptural movement. Another notable design was a high-necked sheath dress featuring strategic slashes that revealed hints of skin, with the swirls cradling the arm.

Gupta’s ability to merge structure and softness was evident throughout the collection, showcasing his talent for creating garments that are both visually striking and flattering to the body. The intricate detailing and thoughtful draping added depth and dimension to each piece, making them truly works of art.

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