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Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway…… “Usually we dressed up like we’re going to fashion shows where elite class designers and celebrities gonna judge us, and with this mindset we choose every apparel.But when it’s time to be formal we’ve to decide the accurate clothing things which shows us sincere, decent and formal…… normally formal attires used in formal places like schools, colleges, offices & hospitals .

  Formal clothings for mens are – formal shirts, which include stiff collar, single or double cuffs, light colours like sky blue, white, baby pink, lavender and many more . Formal pants in black, beige, grey, blue and many more colours . Loafer, Derby and Oxford shoes in black and brown colours. Leather belt in black and brown colours. A cotton handkerchief. A formal watch which looks elegant. Matching socks which goes well with shoes.

   “Thinking is nature of human being, and everyone thinks to look good in formal attire. Formal clothings are used in formal places like schools, colleges etc.

Formal pants for mens are of 3 type :

Dress pants : These type of pants are used in coat pants. We can also named it slacks. These pants are so comfortable and usually stitched in stretch wool blend fabric.

Pleated pants : These type of pants have pleats in front side of the waist. Pleats are used to give the extra volume to the pant.

Khaki pants : These are straight legged pants. Which usually being in trend.

Formal shirts for mens have stiff collar, patch pockets, long sleeves with single or double cuffs, it also Includes light colours, checkered prints and stripe prints.

Formal belts : These belts include black and brown colour leather belts.

Formal socks : These socks are in darker shade in compare to trouser. for example if you wear brown colour pant you should use the darker shade of brown socks in it.

Formal shoes : These shoes are of 4 types – Oxford, Derby, loafer and chukka. Hues of black and brown are the most popular colours in formal wear.

Formal watches : Dress watches are elegant to wear with formal attire. These are classy and fabulous kinda watches.

Goggles : Goggles do icing on the cake in men’s formal look. Black goggle are evergreen to use.

Some examples of Formal men’s wear are