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For its collection of high-end bags, Bottega Veneta has introduced a new lifetime warranty scheme. The “Certificate of Craft” programme, which was just introduced, offers free services to protect the label’s distinctive accessories.

Customers can ask for free updates and fixes under the guarantee to extend the life of their purchases. “Bottega Veneta is a remarkable brand with beautiful design and originality. According to Leo Rongone, CEO of Bottega Veneta, the Certificate of Craft programme “is formed out of a desire to offer our clients a superior service of long-term preservation of their items.” “Our mission is still in line with that of our founders. They desired for Bottega Veneta to stand for the most opulent and sophisticated expression of luxury. To create our products, we need days rather than hours. They are made to endure a lifetime.

Every Bottega Veneta bag purchased after November will come with a physical and digital card that has a special serial number for the programme.