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Fendi, Frgmt, and Pokémon Join Forces for Trendy Anime-inspired Fashion

Published: January 5, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

A new collaboration has been revealed, bringing together Fendi, Frgmt, and Pokémon to offer a stylish collection for anime enthusiasts. The partnership introduces two distinct collections—one featuring iconic Pokémon characters and another merging the aesthetics of Fendi and fragment design. The result is a line of fashionable clothing adorned with Pokémon characters, complemented by collectible digital designs for Pokémon GO players to enhance their in-game avatars.

Hiroshi Fujiwara, a key figure in the collaboration, expressed his excitement, stating, “When Kim asked me to work on a project together, I had no reason to say no. I very much enjoyed working with Kim again, and this time also with Silvia. It was a true honor to work with the house of FENDI, a traditional brand with outstanding craftsmanship. Grateful for this opportunity.”

Key Trends:

Collaborative Anime Collections: This collaboration reflects a growing trend of high-fashion brands partnering with popular anime franchises to create unique and exclusive collections that appeal to fans.

Digital Collectibles for Fashion:The Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon collection introduces a trend of creating digital designs specifically for fashion items, providing Pokémon GO players with unique and collectible options for their virtual avatars.

Merge of Luxury and Streetwear: By combining Fendi’s high-fashion aesthetics with fragment design’s streetwear influence, this collaboration blurs the lines between luxury fashion and streetwear, opening up possibilities for a new hybrid style.

Industry Insights:

High-fashion Industry Impact:This collaboration demonstrates the potential for high-fashion brands to tap into the anime market, attracting a broader audience, particularly anime enthusiasts seeking exclusive and fashionable pieces.

Gaming Industry Engagement:The introduction of digital designs for Pokémon GO players showcases a new opportunity for fashion brands to engage with the gaming industry, offering unique digital collectibles that bridge the gap between fashion and virtual gaming experiences.

Streetwear Influence: The Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon collaboration serves as an example of how luxury fashion and streetwear can successfully merge, creating disruptive opportunities for streetwear brands to collaborate with renowned designers in the high-end fashion world.

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