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Fast fashion be sustainable

Published: April 4, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

In an era when almost every week brings in new trends and styles and new items are being made available for people to buy at the cheapest rates, consumers are having to update their wardrobes constantly. However, fast fashion is quickly becoming one of the biggest waste contributors.

To address this, Hyderabad-based startup, ‘Holywaste by Oorvi Sustainable Concepts’, which is best known for giving a new lease of life to flower waste is moving to the textile and dry waste category.
Finding a sustainable way to dispose of post-consumer waste, especially for versatile and widespread materials such as textiles and fabrics, has always been a challenge. The first step in the initiative for the startup was collecting the dry waste material, which they conducted on March 25 and 26.

One of the co-founders, Maya Vivek, tells TNIE, “After the success of our last project, we were looking for possibilities in the post-consumer waste space. We collaborated with a Chennai-based company, Wasted 360 Solutions, and Gaiaa Living. In the first part of the initiative, we organised the drive, during which we collected around 500 kg of textile and fabric waste.”

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