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According to one study, those who make time to exercise daily are happier and more successful than
those who do not. According to the survey, 75% of the 2000 respondents who exercised at least once a week were happier and more successful than the others, and if you are a regular exerciser, following
different types of workout routines like a sweaty gym session or practising yoga outside, choosing the
right clothes becomes important.

Having the appropriate activewear not only boosts your confidence and improves your appearance, but it also results in a productive and healthy workout. Wearing the appropriate clothing improves your
mood, keeps you motivated, and protects you from harm.

The right activewear is an investment in your health as it can benefit you in multiple ways such as
improving your blood circulation and providing oxygen to working muscles, resulting in better recovery,
endurance and improved power. Also, it provides you complete comfort to improve your concentration
to perform the exercises to the best of your ability.

So in picking the right workout clothes, you should carefully evaluate all the aspects to achieve your
fitness goals fast and easily. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anand Singh, Fashion Design Manager at
DaMENSCH, suggested the following tips:

  1. Choosing the right fabric
  2. Yes, quality matters
  3. Know what the weather demands
  4. For right form and flexibility