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Not all people consider jewellery to be a part of men’s fashion. It has traditionally been thought of as a source of female pride. However, as fashion trends evolve, men are increasingly seen wearing jewellery in addition to watches. They have begun experimenting with jewellery including necklaces, rings, and earrings. No one’s sexuality is defined by whether they wear jewellery, whether they are men or women. Nobody should be frightened to experiment with fashion and have fun with it because style is just a way of expressing yourself that should be enjoyable and increase your confidence.

1. Less is more

Do not combine several items of jewellery. Keeping things simple appears more elegant. A simple clothing is elevated with a minimalist watch, a ring on one hand, or even just a wedding band. Do not stack necklaces or wear several rings or bracelets at once. Jewelry pieces should complement the wearer’s overall fashion sense. The choice of the right jewellery relies on the dress as well; some look better with a lot less jewellery, some with more, and some with a different type of jewellery.

2. Do not mix silver and gold

Only wear one kind of metal at a time. Jewelry in gold and silver tones shouldn’t be worn together. Choose jewellery with a similar size or style. Try wearing various-toned rings on different hands if you wish to wear different-toned jewellery. Instead of just wearing gold and silver metals, adding fashionable black diamond jewellery or other leather accessories can completely change the way you look. To ensure that your jewellery complements other pieces you are wearing, make sure it is of good quality. If you combine expensive jewellery with lesser-quality accessories, your overall appearance will suffer.

3. Find pieces that complement your style

While some people can pull off wearing earrings, many bracelets, and rings, others might prefer to keep it simple. Everyone has a different sense of style. Always keep an eye out for anything that can enhance your personal style. If your style is edgy, try using edgy accessories that can convey your uniqueness, such as eccentric wristbands, stone rings, or layered silver chains. If your sense of style is more straightforward, go for subtler accessories like a timeless watch or a set of sterling silver cufflinks. Select clothing that is easy to wear and does not irritate the skin. You can choose jewellery that is adjustable and can be tailored to fit you.

5. Choose a suitable colour scheme

Men who wear jewellery frequently choose colour schemes that are inappropriate for them. Before choosing metals, take your skin tone into account. For instance, rose gold looks better with warm skin tones whereas silver metals seem better on cooler complexion tones. If your skin tone is neutral, go with plain white metals. When choosing items, keep your body proportion in mind as well. Go for some layered chains if your neck is long. Choose watches or bracelets with small belts if your wrists are thin, and broad belt watches or bracelets if your wrists are thick.