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Fashinza’s Top 25 Leaders list celebrates Sustainable Fashion in India.

Published: May 3, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Fashinza’s ‘Top 25 Fashion and Sourcing Leaders of 2023’ list has celebrated individuals from several winning brands who have shown leadership, innovation, and best practices in the sustainable fashion industry. Pepe Jeans Innerfashion, Bewakoof, Mufti, Mensa Brand, Celio, and Wildcraft are among the brands that made it to the list. Pawan Gupta, Fashinza’s CEO, expressed pride in the company’s unique formula that aims at helping fashion industry players gain relevant insights and have a better understanding of the critical factors that drive business success.

Fashinza lives up to its mandate of exploring industry leaders based on their competitive edge, and the significant contributions they make to optimize the fashion supply chain. The company cautions that its industry clients should be aware of the constantly evolving trends and technologies that address critical market challenges, and the list it has created can be a useful yardstick in that regard.

Fashinza has gone one step further through this list. It has identified select individuals from the winning brands and given them an accolade for contribution to sustainable fashion. Turtle’s head of sourcing, Manoj Agarwal, Snitch’s owner, Siddharth Dungarwal, Proline Fitness’s head of buying and merchandising, Ravindran R S, and Breakbounce’s business head, Shankar Dhanrajani, are some of the individuals who have been commended by Fashinza for their contribution to sustainable fashion.

Most impressively, Fashinza’s launch in 2020 aims at connecting fashion brands with experienced manufacturers to find solutions to the challenges that confront the apparel and fashion supply chain. Fashinza’s commitment to combining traditional artisans’ techniques with technology-induced transparency to provide clients with better outcomes is a strategic response to clients’ preferences.

Overall, Fashinza’s list of ‘Top 25 Fashion and Sourcing Leaders of 2023’ helps to highlight the strides made by the sustainable fashion industry. Undoubtedly, innovative leaders will continue to play a crucial role in driving positive change in the industry.

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