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Farfetch has released its third annual sustainability trends study

Published: July 13, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Luxury fashion platform Farfetch has released its third annual Conscious Luxury Trends report, shedding light on the increasing global demand for conscious fashion and beauty products. The report highlights the growing consumer interest in sustainable and ethical shopping practices and emphasizes the potential for growth and innovation within the luxury industry’s sustainability landscape.

The report indicates that consumers are becoming more mindful of their purchasing decisions and are actively seeking out products that align with their values. This shift towards conscious consumption presents significant opportunities for brands and retailers to tap into the demand for sustainable and responsible fashion and beauty offerings.

Farfetch’s data reveals an interesting trend: conscious products on their platform enjoy a 10 percent higher conversion rate compared to non-conscious products. This finding demonstrates that there is a genuine demand for sustainable and ethically produced items among consumers, and brands that prioritize conscious practices are likely to benefit from increased customer engagement and loyalty.

The report also highlights the strides made in sustainability within the luxury industry, showcasing innovative approaches and initiatives. From sourcing materials ethically to reducing carbon footprints and promoting circularity, luxury brands are embracing sustainability as a core aspect of their business strategies. Farfetch’s Conscious Luxury Trends report serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals and consumers alike, providing insights into the evolving landscape of conscious fashion and beauty. It highlights the importance of sustainability and ethics in shaping the future of the luxury industry, encouraging brands to prioritize responsible practices and engage with conscious consumers.

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