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Published: November 11, 2022
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Winter fashion trends come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from metallic gowns to vivid designs to the persistence of some fall trends. The combination of media kinds and textures is one of the designs that are popular this winter, according to Kristy Eubanks, owner of Junie’s Closet It has many varied textures and is blocked in many techniques, according to Eubanks. Eubanks displayed a number of items in her boutique that featured quilting, embellishments, and color-blocking, which is the pairing of vibrant hues.

We have texture, even in our furs, she said. According to Eubanks, glistening textiles like metallics, satins, and Lamé are also popular for the winter. She added that matching sets are also well-liked. Eubanks said that monochrome fashion is currently highly popular, along with “dompamine dressing.” She defined what this phrasing means. “Every colour. “Every single texture,” Eubanks remarked. When you wear it, you feel fantastic.

A fuschia shirt with striking, contrasting florals and a long-sleeved dress with color-blocked bands of mustard, magenta, teal, and black were Eubanks’ two examples of this trend. Owner Bryn Smith of Beautiquey and the Beast claimed that her store doesn’t particularly follow fashion trends. Smith said, alluding to apparel considered elevated from blue-collar fashions, “We’re kind of boujie.” It’s a shortened version of the word “Bourgeoisie” in French.

Smith mentioned a few products that are now in demand from her clientele, such as some puffy coats from the Ciao Milano brand. She described them as “comfy, warm, and flattering.” Smith claimed that the coats prevent the wearer from seeming like the Michelin Man. She remarked, “They’re for all kinds of people. These coats are available in “mommy and me” variations at Beautiquey and the Beast.

Since the temperatures haven’t dropped particularly low yet, according to Halle Kobriger, front desk manager at Nine One Eight Salon and Boutique, she’s observed many fall trends continuing into the winter. Kobriger explained, “Really, it’s because we didn’t start getting the chilly weather until February last year. This includes sweaters and “shackets,” which are a combination of a shirt and a jacket. Next week, she remarked, “we should be putting on our winter gear.”

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