Experience Art in Fashion with WearArt: The Apparel Brand Showcasing Indian and International Art on Clothing

Published: January 6, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Fashion has always drawn influence from art, but WearArt is taking this to the next level by showcasing Indian and international art through its apparel brand. WearArt, a company co-founded by Deepika and Jass Sarang, is creating waves in the fashion world with their distinctive and stunning designs.

In order to create one-of-a-kind creations that highlight the skill and cultural diversity from all over the world, the designers at WearArt explore with a range of art forms, such as Madhubani, Mandala, Pichhwai, Warli, Dot Art, and Kalamkari. Every design is meticulously hand-crafted to reflect the rich and varied cultural traditions of India and beyond.

The use of vivid and striking hues, which truly bring the art to life, is one of WearArt’s clothing’s distinguishing characteristics. The colours utilised in their works are a feast for the eyes and sure to make a statement wherever you go, ranging from vivid reds and yellows to deep blues and greens.

Jass and Deepika connected online due to a shared passion of art, and they fell in love nearly right away. They frequently found themselves talking about their love of creativity and self-expression through art because they were both artists at heart. One of these discussions is when WearArt was first conceived.

Deepika, who having experienced hardship in her life, turned to art as a means of profound expression. She immediately developed a reputation for her brilliant and moving works as a result of her challenges, which only appeared to fuel her artistic fire.

Jass, who had always been drawn to the arts, saw a chance to combine his love of fashion and Deepika’s artistic ability. Together, they created WearArt, a clothing line that fuses Deepika’s exquisite artwork with cosiness and style.

WearArt’s co-founder Deepika stated that their goal is to “bring the beauty and diversity of art from India and the world to the forefront through our clothing brand.” “Through our creations, we are passionate about exposing the artistic skill and cultural heritage, and we feel that fashion can be a potent platform for cultural awareness and self-expression.”

Because WearArt is continuously seeking out fresh and intriguing art forms to incorporate into their designs, their collections are continually expanding and evolving. WearArt is a company to keep an eye on in the future because to their youthful vigour and ground-breaking concepts. They have already established themselves as leaders in the fashion industry.

Jass and Deepika’s love for one another and their shared passion for art have propelled them to where they are today in spite of the obstacles they have had to overcome. The duo wants to encourage others to follow their hobbies and follow their ambitions by using WearArt as a symbol of the strength of love and creativity.

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