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Exotel’s Flagship Office in Bengaluru Reinforces Commitment to Unified Customer Interactions

Published: October 6, 2023

Exotel, the emerging market’s leading connected customer conversation platform today announced the opening of its flagship office in Bengaluru. Located at the renowned Maruthi Infotech Center, Domlur, Coming back to work amplifies Exotel’s undying passion for innovation, rapid growth, and creating an invigorating workspace to bolster team creativity and dynamism.

The opening of this new office marks a significant milestone in Exotels expansion strategy, and a testament to Exotels commitment to instilling a culture that breathes creativity, encourages open communication, and values every members contribution.

Every corner of the spacious office, designed to accommodate nearly 300 innovators, is infused with elements that reflect Exotels vibrant organizational culture. A ‘Reading Zone‘ invites employees to immerse themselves in a world of knowledge and innovation. The ‘Fun and Play Area‘ is not just about relaxation but a space where ideas flow freely, and creativity is unbound.

The design fosters an environment where brainstorming is not confined to meeting rooms. Open spaces, adorned with elements of fun and engagement, encourage spontaneous ideation and collaboration. The organization is committed to its open-door policy that blurs hierarchical lines and fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity and respect.

Sumanpreet Bhatia, Vice President, Human Resources at Exotel, on the office unveiling, remarked, “Our new abode is a reflection of Exotel’s journey from a startup with a focused vision to a global entity, revered for transforming customer engagement. Every element of this office resonates with our ethos of transparency, trust, and innovation. We’re not just coming back to work; we’re stepping into a space where every voice matters, every idea is valued, and every member is a pivotal piece of the larger picture.

As Exotel steers ahead, powering over 70+ million conversations daily, the new office stands as a beacon of its organizational culture. It’s a space where work is not just about technological innovation but also about fostering human connections, upholding transparency, and building a legacy rooted in trust and excellence. In this mix of technology and human ingenuity, Exotel is not just scripting a story of corporate success but is weaving a narrative where people, values, and innovation are the celebrated heroes.

About Exotel
Exotel is the emerging market’s leading customer conversation platform and business-focused virtual telecom operator. Exotel has also recently received a virtual telecom operator license in India to offer cost-effective end-to-end VoIP telephony services, making the company a 100% compliant cloud calling operator. Exotel was founded in 2011 and has an impressive cloud-based product suite that drives 70+ million conversations every day for more than 7000 businesses in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Today, the omnichannel contact center, communication API suite, and conversational AI platform from Exotel help some of the fastest-growing businesses in emerging countries manage their customer engagement.

Exotel won The ET StartUp Awards 2022 under the Comeback Kid category.

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