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Exciting fashion updates: Louis Vuitton’s VIA Treasure Trunk & more.

Published: June 13, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

-By Ankita Dutta

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has launched an innovative digital collectibles trunk known as VIA Treasure Trunk. It is an NFT-powered immersive project that offers collectors the opportunity to own a luxurious NFT that grants exclusive access to products and experiences. Each of the unique items is priced at €39,000, with just a few hundred in existence. VIA Treasure Trunk will be launched gradually throughout the year, and buyers will receive a key to secure their purchase.

In Toronto, Stackt Market welcomes Aaniin, a recently launched department concept shop that features over 35 Indigenous brands. Inducted during Indigenous History Month, this shop aims to showcase goods produced by Indigenous makers, including the exclusive merchandise of Lesley Hampton, Section 35, and Aaniin. Shoppers will have the chance to learn about Indigenous brands and purchase unique goods, making Aaniin an excellent opportunity to show support and appreciation for Indigenous communities.

Fendi has catered to astrology enthusiasts with its astrology capsule collection. Designed with Karl Lagerfeld’s original astrological prints, the swim and beachwear feature a subdued colour palette of white, pink, blue, brown, orange, and black. This summer, Fendi invites everyone to celebrate one’s star sign by wearing a collection that caters to each zodiac sign.

Vancouver-based apparel brand Duer has finally opened a new location in Toronto’s Ossington strip. The store will carry the brand’s entire lineup of pants, tops, jumpsuits, and outerwear, all of which are known for their comfort and environmentally conscious design.

Its distinct bright orange building is impossible to miss and definitely worth visiting when around the neighborhood.

Canada Goose has partnered with local multidisciplinary artist Moya Garrison-Msingwana to create an immersive installation titled Stitched in Ages. The figures in the display are made of upcycled materials and represent the brand’s, materials used, and people who wear it. The installation is a stunning tribute to sustainable fashion and highlights the importance of preserving our environment.

These are just some of the exciting updates in the fashion world. It is impressive to see luxury brands pushing the boundaries and giving consumers something new and innovative to appreciate.

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