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Essilor’s Brand ambassador for India: Virat Kohli

Published: August 7, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Celebrity cricketer Virat Kohli has been designated the brand ambassador for India by eye care company Essilor, capitalising on his appeal across the country. For the international brand, Kohli is the face of a fresh-new multi-media advertising campaign created by Network Advertising.

“Virat Kohli’s appeal and pursuit of excellence are aligned with Essilor’s commitment to innovation and quality,” said Essilor Luxottica’s South Asia national head Narasimhan Narayanan in a news statement on August 4. He will highlight Essilor’s cutting-edge technology and premium line of goods while promoting the importance of clear, healthy vision at all ages thanks to his credibility and popularity among a wide range of demographics. This marks the beginning of a brand-new exciting chapter as we continue to be committed to building a testament to the brand’s commitment to enabling people to view the world clearly and confidently.

Stellest®, Eyezen®, and Varilux® are three Essilor brands that Kohli promotes in the commercial. Kohli demonstrates the use of Essilor’s Crizal® invisible shield while participating in activities that call for eye protection.

Virat Kohli stated, “I am honoured to be affiliated with Essilor, a brand that has been at the forefront of revolutionising vision care worldwide. “Whether I’m on the pitch or off it, eyeglasses are a crucial part of my life and I relate with having sharp vision. Being an Essilor brand ambassador has helped me learn more about eye care and how each lens is unique and can be used to meet a person’s specific vision needs.

Essilor is a brand that is part of the worldwide eyeglass lens company Essilor Luxottica’s portfolio. The chief creative officer of Network Advertising, Akshneel Dasgupta, stated that Essilor has been assisting us in seeing more clearly without being noticed themselves for a very long time. “This campaign is the brand’s first attempt to raise consumer awareness of the mother brand.”

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