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Elevate Raksha Bandhan celebrations with Eze Perfume’s exclusive gift sets

Published: August 24, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Eze Perfume is proud to unveil two exclusive fragrant gift sets designed to celebrate the bond of love and protection on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, which is set to take place on August 30. These specially curated gift sets capture the essence of the festival through a harmonious blend of fragrances that resonate with the emotions shared between siblings.

Raksha Bandhan is close to every Indian’s heart – it is a special occasion that encapsulates the unique bond between siblings and the exclusive gift sets (of three variants in each), artfully packaged, are an embodiment of this sentiment. Whether you choose to scent the celebration with an intense elegance that a gift set has to offer, or the sublime serenity of the other, each fragrance tells a story of love, protection, and the shared moments that make sibling relationships so dear.

Eze Gift Set – Intense A stunning gift that presents a selection of fragrances for Men, Women, and Unisex preferences, this gift set comprises of three variants – Eze Awe, Eze Nomad and Eze ID. This collection brings together a symphony of robust fragrances that mirror the depth of sibling bond, which includes strength and tenacity of relationships as well as shared moments. The three varieties of Eze Perfume in this gift set are available in 30 ml bottles.

Eze Gift Set – Sublime Explore yet another ensemble of fragrances, catering to Men, Women, and Unisex preferences, with a gift set that’s sublime and indulgent. It comprises of three variants – Eze Surge, Eze Flow and Eze Vibe which provide uplifting moments. For those seeking a more serene gifting experience, this collection embodies the gentleness and purity of sibling relationships. The three varieties of Eze Perfume in this gift set are available in 30 ml bottles.

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