“Edison Chen and adidas Originals Forge a Creative Partnership Redefining Fashion Innovation”

Published: November 3, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Adidas Originals and Edison Chen have proudly revealed their global partnership, marking the inception of adidas Originals by Edison Chen. This collaboration marks Chen’s return to the brand, heralding a new era of creative innovation and the establishment of a profound cultural legacy.

Edison Chen, the Founder and Creative Director of the esteemed global lifestyle brand CLOT, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. His journey from Vancouver to Hong Kong in his formative years ignited the fusion of Eastern and Western influences in his life. These experiences unveiled the
world of globalism to him and sowed the seeds of what would eventually evolve into CLOT.

In this exciting partnership with adidas Originals, Edison Chen brings a visionary perspective and creative prowess. He will introduce exclusive collaborative styles, drawing from adidas’ extensive
archive and storied history. This venture places a strong emphasis on nurturing cultural exchange
between the East and the West. Together, adidas and Chen aim to launch collections that challenge
conventions and push boundaries with thought-provoking designs. The collaboration’s overarching
goal is to cultivate a new generation of multi-talented creators with a keen understanding of the
brand’s future vision. This partnership stands as a testament to both entities’ global standing in the
realms of fashion, music, and retail, serving as a catalyst for cultural connection on a global scale.

Chen’s words encapsulate the essence of this partnership: “With adidas, we’re creating to inspire. I
think the ability to freely create something is one of the reasons why I do this. My whole aesthetic,
especially in the past few years, has fully transformed. I haven’t had the chance to create through
that lens yet, which is why this collaboration is exciting and nerve-wracking for me because we’re
heading in that direction through this partnership. I’m coming in with a new inspiration. I spent the
summer in Europe immersing myself in the Adidas brand, which gave me a new point of view. The
new EDC vibe is more chic than street. After the 20 th year, I’m more excited than ever.”

The CLOT SS24 Fashion Show was a captivating showcase, uniting a vibrant community of young
designers, collaborators, and friends. It conveyed a powerful narrative about the throne and the
next rightful successor, symbolizing that anyone has the potential to claim it.

The “Change The Generation” collection, born from the shared commitment to creative innovation
by adidas Originals and Edison Chen, explores three distinct styles: ultra-lifestyle, formal dress, and
active/streetwear. This collection offers a fusion of these three unique lifestyles that can be
appreciated individually or as a harmonious collision of all three. Fashion enthusiasts and fans can anticipate the availability of pieces from this remarkable collection
starting in January 2024.

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