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Dynamic Duo Sanchit and Yajan, the Young Stalwarts Taking Su-Kam to the Next Level

Published: July 19, 2023

Su-Kam Power Systems Limited (Su-Kam), a leading power solution provider in India, is undergoing a remarkable transformation under the visionary leadership of Mr. Sanchit Sekhwal Goyal and Mr. Yajan Bansal. These young Directors of the company bring extensive expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction, positioning Su-Kam for unprecedented growth. With a combined background in family businesses encompassing real estate development, automobile dealerships, and various manufacturing units, employing over 2000 individuals, they bring a wealth of experience to their roles.

Mr. Yajan Bansal and Mr.Sanchit Sekhwal Goyal Directors Su-Kam Power Systems Limited (Su-Kam)

Mr. Sanchit Sekhwal Goyal, an accomplished engineer with a decade of experience, holds a B.E. (Hons) degree from BITS Pilani. His tenure as the Student Council President at BITS Pilani showcased exceptional leadership skills and a passion for innovation. Injecting Su-Kam with a renewed outlook, Sanchit is determined to push the boundaries of research and development. Outside of work, he enjoys playing squash and tennis.

Sanchit is committed to cultivating a healthy work environment, treating employees like family, and unlocking their full potential for exceptional results. He believes in fostering collaboration to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers. “By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we can cultivate innovation and provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions. Treating my team as family and creating a healthy workplace environment are fundamental to my mindset, as each individual contributes to the productivity and positive growth of the company,” said Mr. Sanchit Sekhwal Goyal.

A distinguished Chartered Accountant, Mr. Yajan Bansal brings exceptional financial expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset to Su-Kams strategic planning and business development. His fresh perspective, blending traditional wisdom with innovative strategies, positions him to navigate complex challenges and identify untapped opportunities. Yajans commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle is reflected in his love for playing tennis.

Mr. Yajan Bansal opined, “Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we are committed to providing our customers with innovative power solutions that not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. Together, we will reinforce Su-Kams reputation as an innovative brand known for world-class R&D and exceptional product quality.”

For over three decades, Su-Kam has been a pioneer in providing innovative power solutions, including solar, inverters, and batteries, earning a reputation for cutting-edge technology and customer-centricity. Su-Kam emerged as a dominant leader in the power backup sector, fulfilling the growing demand for reliable inverters due to power shortages across the country. It quickly became one of the most progressive and rapidly expanding power backup brands in the country, and the first in the industry to export its products globally. Su-Kam is now a household name in the power backup segment, not just in India but in many countries.

Under the stewardship of Mr. Sanchit Sekhwal Goyal and Mr. Yajan Bansal, Su-Kam has solidified its position as a market leader and a driver of innovation in the industry. The management of Su-Kam looks forward to embarking on a successful journey, delivering unparalleled power solutions to its customers with their expertise, vision, and unwavering commitment.

Furthermore, Su-Kam has made significant strides in diversifying its product portfolio, venturing into new segments such as renewable energy, e-mobility, and other sustainable energy products. As part of its growth in the green energy sector, Su-Kam is also expanding its range of solar products, including solar panels. Additionally, Su-Kam is set to launch E-Rikshaw batteries and chargers and an exclusive line of EV batteries and chargers for both two and four-wheelers. With a vast dealer network of over 25,000 dealers and a presence in more than 70 countries, Su-Kam has established a strong global footprint.

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