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-By Ankita Suryavanshi

Stanford FashionX, an organization comprised of Stanford University students interested in the fashion industry, has teamed up with augmented reality (AR) try-on firm Zero10 and 3D design software provider Browzwear to give these students digital design capabilities. The collaboration allows FashionX students to use Browzwear’s VStitcher software in November 2022 to design 3D digitised clothing. They also received guidance from Zero10 on AR technology for AR garment applications of their designs. The focus of the partnership was centered around the theme of ‘Symbiosis,’ as the students sought inspiration from the natural world and sustainability.

At the culmination of the project, the FashionX students’ final nine-piece digital collections are now ready, set for exhibit in Stanford’s community event on May 24. The digital exhibition intends to use mirrors to showcase the pieces, allowing visitors to see themselves in the clothes using the Zero10 app on their smartphones. After this display, the FashionX event intends to host a Q&A session with students, covering their design processes and future vision.

Fern Lippert, 3D fashion expert and education program manager at Browzwear, emphasized the importance of educating students on successful modern fashion design and development. Apart from showcasing the limitless potential for digital apparel design, Lippert urged that modern fashion designers should move beyond tradition and embrace innovations brought on by digital and 3D technologies. 3D technology is fast becoming a vital tool for fashion design schools all over the world, as traditional academic institutions are increasingly integrating 3D technology into their curriculums to equip students with skills relevant to modern fashion design.

Cooperative efforts such as the Stanford FashionX, Zero10, and Browzwear collaboration only reveal a fraction of the possibilities that exist in the integration of innovative digital and 3D technology into the fashion industry. Perhaps with continuing efforts to foster such collaborations, fashion industry experts and modern fashion designers of the future can continue to shape the industry over with creativity and forward-looking innovations.