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D-house Laboratorio Urbano opens its doors during Milan Design Week 2024

Published: April 2, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

D-house laboratorio urbano, along with Pattern Group Innovation Hub, today announced it is once again collaborating with Kornit Digital (NASDAQ: KRNT) to showcase “Printed Rituals”, conceived by Guardini CiuMreda Studio. D-House Laboratorio Urbano leads the way in applying new technologies in fashion, design, and automotive sectors – showcasing pioneering projects and innovative insights that creatively explore new technologies, fostering the evolution of technological paradigms.

The project serves as an open reflection of our place in the world and the way we express it. The
installation is in the rooms of the urban laboratory to create a cozy and comfortable environment,
enabling the exploration of the infinite synergies between fashion, design, and creativity. An illusory
corridor will guide visitors through this journey. Nature’s elements welcome us: colorful flowers,
herons in flight, protective whales, fantastical elements, and delicate human beings, all imparting the
value of the here and now.

Inspired by the Moriyama House, Guardini CiuMreda Studio challenges the concept of the house as an
expressive space for self-discovery. “Being able to design in harmony with our sensitivity, both
aesthetic and ethical, is the result of sustainable innovation that paves the way for the future.” Says
Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciu2reda. “We have created a place to start anew, where to dwell, and
above all, “homes” to live on our bodies.

Andrea Negretti, General Manager, Roll-to-Roll, Kornit Digital comments: “We are delighted to be
collaborating with D-house for the second time at the prestigious Milan Design Week. In an era of
speed and customization, this collaboration emphasizes a significant shift in traditional home décor.
Creators and brands, previously constrained by long production cycles and environmental impact,
now have a solution merging digital immediacy with textile craftsmanship. Kornit offers unparalleled
freedom of expression.

This agility guarantees each piece is as unique as its intended space. The project is also a testament to
environmentally responsible design. By eliminating water waste and opting for Kornit’s pigment water-based production, “Printed Rituals” aligns the creators’ vision with the urgent need for sustainable

This innovative technology unlocks endless creativity, enabling the production of vibrant, innovative
designs on a wide range of fabrics. Through the power of XDi technology, creators can elevate their 3D
decorative applications on fabrics, introducing unique home décor looks like threadless embroidery
and high-density vinyl.

The project was coordinated by D-house laboratorio urbano, situated in the heart of Milan, while the
artifacts on display were crafted by Dyloan Bond Factory, a manufacturing hub of the Pattern Group.
Thermore and Olmetex also contributed to the project with fabric supplies, alongside Colombo
Industrie Tessili and Maglificio Alto Milanese, assisted with various types of textiles to explore the
endless applications of Kornit’s technology.

“We are thrilled to unveil a project that has successfully united fashion, design, art, and technology, all
made possible through the synergy between Kornit Digital and D-house laboratorio urbano.” States
Loreto di Rienzo, Founder and R&D Director of D-house “Our installation is a testament to the
transformative power of innovation, where the limitless potential of Kornit Digital’s technology merges
with the creative vision of Guardini CiuQreda Studio.”

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