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Coty and House of Beauty Bring Kylie Cosmetics to India’s Beauty Scene

Published: January 2, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

As the premier fragrance company in India, Coty has established itself as a prominent player in the thriving Indian beauty market, valued at an impressive $16.5 billion.

Expressing enthusiasm about their collaboration with House of Beauty, Coty is gearing up to meet the escalating demand for Prestige Beauty in India. In the coming months, Kylie Cosmetics, an iconic brand under Coty, is set to make its debut in the Indian beauty landscape through this partnership.

Coty’s strategic move is driven by the recognition that Kylie Cosmetics presents a significant opportunity to propel their business forward in India. The brand caters to a contemporary audience with an international outlook, placing importance on values such as kindness, authenticity, and quality. The fearless growth of Kylie Cosmetics into a comprehensive beauty lifestyle destination with global appeal aligns well with the preferences of the Indian beauty shopper.

According to Strunz, a representative from Coty, they are confident that the winning formula behind Kylie Cosmetics will strike a chord with beauty enthusiasts in India. This formula encompasses not only quality products but also a broader appeal that extends beyond traditional beauty standards.

Shriti Malhotra, Group CEO of Quest Retail – House of Beauty, expressed delight in finalizing the partnership. She highlighted the collective effort to bring Kylie Cosmetics into the diverse beauty portfolio of House of Beauty. Under the leadership of Sanjali Giri, House of Beauty has demonstrated success in building and scaling premium global beauty brands through effective storytelling, robust distribution channels, strategic partnerships, and extensive omnichannel expertise. Acknowledging the growing demand in India for top-notch makeup, cutting-edge innovation, and immersive marketing experiences from international beauty lifestyle brands, the partnership aims to strengthen the national portfolio and footprint. Together, Coty and House of Beauty aspire to accelerate the rise of premium beauty in South Asia, envisioning Kylie Cosmetics as a shining star in India’s beauty landscape.

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