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Coloreel’s Latest Software Upgrade Enables Combination of Embroidery Threads

Published: June 30, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Combining Coloreel embroidery thread with traditional threads has become much easier, thanks to Coloreel’s latest software upgrade. The company has recently added a multi-thread option to its innovative embroidery software.

Coloreel’s technology is based on applying dye directly to the thread as it passes through the Coloreel unit, resulting in precise and vibrant colors. With the new multi-thread option, the Coloreel software allows users to combine traditional embroidery threads with Coloreel threads.

While Coloreel offers improved efficiency and enhanced color options for most producers, creating certain designs with special effect threads, such as frosted, metallic or neon colors, posed limitations until now. Similarly, for larger areas of plain white or black, it is still cheaper to use a basic thread in that color than Coloreel’s dyeing process.

The updated software includes Coloreel’s stitch count feature, ensuring that the embroidery machine can stitch the design accurately and consistently, regardless of whether it uses Coloreel or traditional threads.

Using the multi-thread option has several benefits, including cost savings over time as less thread and ink are used, and the ability to create even more intricate designs.

“This update expands Coloreel’s technology capabilities and opens up new possibilities for embroidery producers. It lets you mix and match for unbeatable designs”, says Mattias Nordin, SVP Product Management at Coloreel.

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