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CMAI Promotes Garment Manufacturing Entrepreneurship in Surat; Facilitates Knowledge Session with Siddharth Bindra of BIBA

Published: July 31, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Surat is recognised as a significant textile hub, having substantial potential to become a crucial centre for garment manufacturing as well. In an endeavour to empower textile businesses in Surat with the nuances of garment manufacturing and brand building, Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) organised a ‘Knowledge Session’ featuring Mr. Siddharth Bindra, MD, BIBA Fashion Ltd. 

More than 200 members of SAKET, an association that represents 160 Textile Markets in Surat, attended the session to benefit from the valuable insights shared by Mr. Bindra on how he built the BIBA brand. Under an MoU with SAKET, CMAI is committed to nurture textile industry entrepreneurs in Surat to diversify their operations into garment manufacturing as a natural progression that compliments their existing business.  

During the session, Mr. Siddharth Bindra emphasized six crucial factors for building a successful brand: passion, commitment, and perseverance as driving forces, upholding the highest quality standards, understanding and meeting evolving customer needs, establishing a unique brand identity, consistent and effective customer communication for lasting relationships, and aligning brand personality with pricing, packaging, and availability to create a strong and resonating brand for the target audience.

Speaking about the knowledge session, Mr. Ajoy Bhattacharya, Chairman, Gujarat Regional Committee, CMAI, said, “We are delighted that Mr. Bindra graciously spared his time to impart invaluable life lessons from his remarkable journey of establishing the BIBA brand to textile entrepreneurs in Surat. These sessions have a profound goal of inspiring and empowering textile businesses to join the thriving Readymade Garment Industry in India. Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to organise a series of knowledge-sharing sessions with industry leaders, offering insights into the latest trends, developments, and innovations within the garments industry.

Along with the exceptionally insightful knowledge session by Mr. Siddharth Bindra of BIBA Fashion, CMAI launched the Surat Chapter of its ‘ACHIEVERS CLUB’ initiative to encourage and facilitate the young entrepreneurs who have the passion to Achieve. These initiatives aim to foster growth and success within the industry, creating a vibrant and dynamic community of entrepreneurs.

Speaking about the CMAI MoU with SAKETNaveen Sainani, Jt. Hon Secretary, CMAI, said, “Over the next three years, our goal is to promote garment manufacturing among entrepreneurs from the Surat textile industry, including SAKET members. We plan to achieve this by organizing programs, courses, and workshops dedicated to efficient garment production management. Additionally, we aim to enhance marketing skills and knowledge for both export and domestic markets, along with implementing various other initiatives.”

Speaking about the potential of the garment industry, Mr. Rahul Mehta, Chief Mentor, Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI), commented, Our partnership with SAKET also includes the establishment and management of a specialized training institute focused on equipping workers, operators, and staff for the garment industry. The tremendous potential of India’s garment manufacturing sector offers abundant employment opportunities. The rising demand for Indian apparel brands, both locally and globally, further enhances the job prospects within the industry.” 

The Indian apparel market is valued at approximately Rs. 7.80 lakh crores, and in FY2023, it witnessed a growth rate of 15-20%. As the industry continues to evolve and expand, garment manufacturing remains pivotal in generating employment opportunities and contributing to India’s economic growth. Recognising the immense potential of the Surat textile market, CMAI (Clothing Manufacturers Association of India) strategically established its Gujarat Regional Office in Surat.

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