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CHARLES & KEITH Unveils Concept 6 Store at Mall of the Millenium.

Published: April 8, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Pune, India, CHARLES & KEITH – The go-to label for accessible designs that are always on the cutting edge of fashion – unveiled its new concept store at the popular Phoenix Mall of the Millenium in Pune, India. This store marks the brand’s 26th location nationwide and its second venture in Pune. Boasting the innovative Concept 6 design, this store promises to deliver a unique shopping experience to customers.

Retaining the clean and minimal colour scheme that is the hallmark of CHARLES & KEITH’s brand aesthetics, the new concept store is given a softer touch with gradual curves and cleaner lines flowing throughout. Designed with the aim of being a space that allows customers to slow down and enjoy the process of browsing through the products, the new store is carved to provide a respite from the noise of the outside world, taking on a stripped back approach to let the beauty of the raw materials used to come through.

To provide customers with a curated experience, each section of the store communicates a story. From footwear and bags to lifestyle accessories, customers are encouraged to explore the diverse product selection.

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