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A Delightful Gift for Boldly Beautiful Women 

Crafted for the Boldly Beautiful women of today, Titan Raga Delight evokes soothing and sensorial experiences, personifying the modern woman by offering a concoction of fashion, glamour and elegance.

Raga delight offers thirteen designs manifesting a unique language, which is tactile, soft and flowy. The timepieces come in distinctive dial shapes, with finishes ranging from space blue plating on a terrazzo stone base to signature Mother of Pearl and Sunray, surrounded by exquisite case designs. The straps with interesting elements such as locking loops with spring circular clasps make the collection ideal for a woman who emphatically embraces her individuality.

Defining masterful watchmaking, the collection features an inimitable piece, which presents a 2-layered dial where premium stones float in between the two layers, creating a playful effect. Another beautiful watch from Raga Delight line presents a rose quartz bunch, which can be interchanged with a single stud in golden colour to add splendour and richness to any occasion. 

Striking a fine balance between grandeur and poise, Titan Raga Delight is an ode to the fierce yet gentle, women of today.

This International Women’s Day, Titan Raga Delight is an ideal accessory to indulge yourself with or to present as a token of appreciation to the woman you admire! Starting at INR 5,995/- onwards, the stunning range of watches is available to shop at www.titan.co.in

IRTH from House of Titan- the Ultimate Choice for this Women’s’ Day

Our world cannot run without women and what a better occasion than Women’s Day to appreciate all their efforts.  IRTH from the House of Titan is the newly launched women’s handbags brand taking the accessories category in the country to a whole new standard. With a vast product portfolio ranging from workbags, tall totes, shoulder bags, handhelds, slings, cross body, clutches, wallets, organizers and delights, IRTH bags are the most suitable for the women of today to celebrate their everyday. It allows you to go hands free and still carry the world around.

Their range is perfect for every woman who loves to indulge in fashionable accessories as it includes features like organisers, detachable straps and pouches, padded shoulders and more, making them the best need-based accessories without losing out on style and elegance. Big or small, these bags come with room for all things you.  Get ready to take over the world with your journey, with these bags as your perfect arm candy. IRTH bags are priced between INR 2595 and INR 5995.