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Capture a slice of the magical Bridgerton world on your next cruise holiday

Published: May 16, 2024
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Indian fans of the romantic drama Bridgerton can combine their love for cruise travel with a chance to relive the magic of Regency England with Norwegian’s Europe cruises that sail through some of the picturesque destinations where the series was filmed.

The much-anticipated Season 3 of Netflix’s Bridgerton series is just around the corner leaving fans waiting with bated breath to be transported yet again into the elegant and regal world of Regency England. So, what better time than this for Indian fans to relive the destinations in Europe that have inspired the whimsical series.

For Indians who are travelling to London shortly or have plans to travel to that part of the world anytime this year, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a range of nine-to-14-day voyages with stops in London (Tilbury) where you can visit Greenwich, a key filming location for Bridgerton and explore other charming locations that serve as backdrop to your favorite show!

Walk in the Footsteps of Lady Whistledown

Imagine strolling through the charming streets of London, just like the characters in Bridgerton. Keen-eyed fans will recognize the Queen Charlotte’s House in Woodstock in Oxfordshire, which served as the exterior of the Bridgerton family’s stately residence. Picture yourself waltzing through grand ballrooms like those depicted in the series, or perhaps enjoying a lively exchange of wit in the bustling marketplace recreated in Greenwich. With embarkation ports spanning Europe in France, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, and Sweden, you can craft your own dream itinerary, buckling up for your Bridgerton-inspired adventure in style.

Explore the Screen Homes

Soak in the rich tapestry of British culture through stops in medieval Edinburgh, bustling Dublin, and the fairytale-like city of Bath in Portland, England. Admire the exquisite Georgian architecture of Bath’s Royal Crescent, which served as the Featherington family’s home through the series. Imagine Penelope Featherington, the star of Season 3, peering out of her window and thinking about how to put down the latest gossip on paper!

Tailor Your Regency Escape

For the complete Regency experience, extend your adventure with the London Cruise Tour. Spend four days exploring the capital city before setting sail. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Buckingham Palace, a location often referenced in Bridgerton society gossip. Explore the Tower of London, where whispers of court intrigue might spark your imagination. With pre-arranged visits to popular attractions, you’ll make good use of your time before setting sail on your European adventure.

Embrace the Regal Era

From the cobblestone streets of London to the breathtaking beauty of Bath, every moment promises to transport you to the world of Bridgerton. Pack your bags, don your finest attire (think empire waistlines and statement jewelry!), and prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure. The magic of Bridgerton awaits!

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