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Canada Goose introduces its first sneakers collection

Published: July 20, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Canada Goose, a renowned luxury outerwear brand, is set to launch its first-ever sneakers this month as part of its strategic growth plan to expand into new categories that cater to the needs of the modern explorer and offer year-round relevance as a lifestyle label.

The sneakers, named Glacier Trail, embody an elevated design that draws inspiration from Canada Goose’s heritage of functionality and performance. The brand aims to deliver footwear that is not only ultra-versatile and multi-seasonal but also innovative in its features.

The Glacier Trail sneakers are designed to meet the demands of today’s consumers who seek a combination of style, comfort, protection, and stability. To achieve this, the footwear is engineered with a breathable waterproof HDry membrane, ensuring that the sneakers remain waterproof while allowing for proper ventilation. Additionally, the sneakers feature a 100 percent breathable microfibre insole with temperature-regulating properties, ensuring dryness and comfort for the foot.

Canada Goose’s foray into sneakers reflects its commitment to expanding its product offerings and diversifying its brand. By leveraging its expertise in technical and high-performance outerwear, the brand aims to provide a seamless transition into footwear that aligns with its customers’ needs for both fashion and functionality.

The introduction of sneakers demonstrates Canada Goose’s dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving demands of its consumer base. By incorporating their renowned craftsmanship and attention to detail into the design of the Glacier Trail sneakers, the brand strives to establish a strong foothold in the footwear market and further solidify its position as a lifestyle label synonymous with quality and performance.

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