CAMLA Barcelona’s Grand Vision: Unveiling 10 New Stores Across India

Published: October 6, 2023
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Hyderabad, 4th  October 2023 : Get ready for a fashion frenzy as CAMLA Barcelona, the renowned fashion brand celebrated for its distinctive designs and exceptional quality, unveils a spectacular expansion strategy. This marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, promising a wider world of fashion.

CAMLA Barcelona is set to open 10 new exclusive retail stores, a strategic move aimed at enhancing accessibility and welcoming a diverse customer base. With an existing presence in over 100 shop-in-shop retail outlets and its dedicated online platform,, the brand’s expansion plan is meticulously designed to introduce its exquisite collections to a broader spectrum of fashion enthusiasts.

Strategically targeting metropolitan areas and Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities across India, CAMLA Barcelona’s expansion approach is tailored to resonate with the dynamic and varied fashion preferences prevalent in urban landscapes. This strategy deepens the connection between CAMLA Barcelona and its stakeholders, offering a glimpse into the brand’s growing influence in the Indian fashion scene.

Akhil Jain, Executive Director of Jain Amar Group, expressed his excitement, stating, “As CAMLA Barcelona embarks on this exciting chapter of expansion, our commitment to delivering exceptional fashion experiences remains unwavering. Our focus on accessible locations, strategic partnerships, and immersive shopping experiences reflects our dedication to our customers and their evolving tastes. We are thrilled to introduce our designs to new markets while staying true to our brand identity.”

CAMLA Barcelona’s extensive nationwide presence already establishes it as a preferred destination for fashion connoisseurs. The brand proudly operates three exclusive retail outlets in key cities – Indore, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana. The forthcoming expansion will further solidify their position as a leading fashion authority.

The expansion journey gains strength through collaborations with commercial real estate partners, a crucial step in realizing the brand’s vision for increased physical presence and improved accessibility. As part of this strategy, CAMLA Barcelona is actively planning to launch flagship stores and physical retail outlets, providing customers with an immersive experience that authentically mirrors the brand’s essence and unwavering commitment to vibrant fashion.

Aligned with this vision, CAMLA Barcelona is poised to make a lasting impact on the fashion landscape. This expansion signifies not just an extension of CAMLA Barcelona’s footprint but a promise to weave a richer and more diversified narrative within the ever-evolving fashion industry.

About Camla Barcelona 

Camla Barcelona is an International brand, designed in Barcelona that captures the restless spirit of young modern men & women, who’re confident in their own skin, and like to create their own style. Camla Barcelona provides them wide-ranging options for chic effortless & essential dressing, inspired by International vibes. Camla Barcelona’s range reflects the global vibes of the young & restless tribe of men and women, who live life by their own rules, and for who fashion is a way to express their mindset.

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